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Augustana Evangelical Catholic Church



We believe that the 16th century Lutheran Reformation (including the 1054 Roman/Byzantine split, as well as the Anglican and Calvinist/Reformed) was a tragedy, and to this day it remains a scandal. We believe that all the historic liturgical churches, both West and East, must bow their heads in repentance and forgiveness, mutually acknowledging and taking responsibility for the role each has played in the separation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We believe that, at its most desirable and most beautiful, the Church is a diamond with many facets--the churches, traditions, and gifts reflecting the Shekinah Light and Glory of God in Christ. We believe that His Holiness, the Roman Pontiff, is the first among equals and must lead the way to a renewed and reunited Church in our day.

The Augustana Evangelical Catholic Church (AECC) is a true particular Church in the Evangelical Catholic (Lutheran) tradition. An Evangelical Catholic Lutheran is first of all a Christian. An Evangelical Catholic also believes that Lutheranism is not at all Protestant. Evangelical Catholics believe that Lutherans are Western Catholics who were involuntarily expelled from the Roman Catholic Church and are conscience-bound to return to the fullness of the Catholic Church as soon as circumstances permit.

We trust our Lord Jesus' admonition to love one another and to be one as He and the Father are One (Jesus High Priestly Prayer in the Gospel of Saint John). It means working and praying for healing and wholeness and corporate reunion--diversity in unity--in the Body of Christ. We believe that we have been given a successful model in order to fulfill Jesus' prayer for unity. It requires careful and prayerful listening to and obeying "the still small voice" of the Holy Spirit.