Germany                           The Rev. Walter Pehl

​                                                Priest-in-charge







       North America



          Diocese of the West           Bishop Tom Stover (Retired)



          Diocese of Haiti                  The Rev. Emmanuel Julien

​                                                       Priest-in-charge & Bishop-Elect


          Dean of the Holy Synod     Vacant



      South America     



           Ecuador                              Bishop Henrry Danilo Bonilla



Augustana Evangelical Catholic Church




     The Philippines                Apostolic Vicar, Vacant


  • Salve Regina, antiphon in mode 13:02

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     Uganda & Kenya                             Archbishop Leonard Lubega  


     Kenya, Zambia & Malawi               Archbishop George Otieno




              Office of the Metropolitan Archbishop

The Most Rev. Dr. Robert Edmondson

Office of the Vicar General

     Bishop Kenneth Bakken, Retired Emeritus