Germany                           The Rev. Walter Pehl

​                                                Priest-in-charge








     Uganda & Kenya                             Archbishop Leonard Lubega  


     Kenya, Zambia & Malawi               Archbishop George Otieno




              Office of the Metropolitan Archbishop

The Most Rev. Dr. Robert Edmondson

Office of the Vicar General

The Most Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Bakken


       North America



          Diocese of the West           Bishop Tom Stover


                    Diocese of the East            Vacant

          Diocese of Haiti                  The Rev. Emmanuel Julien

​                                                       Priest-in-charge & Bishop-Elect


          Dean of the Holy Synod     Bishop Tan Binh Phan Nguyen 



      South America     



           Ecuador                              Bishop Henrry Danilo Bonilla





     The Philippines                Apostolic Vicar, Vacant


Augustana Evangelical Catholic Church


  • Salve Regina, antiphon in mode 13:02

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